Andy Redwood

Wordsmith, pixel pusher and full-time cat wrangler.

I’m a man of several hats.

These days I spend most of my time with motion graphics, making short animations about the climate crisis, among other things. If you’re interested in these videos, you’ll find more on my YouTube page.

Words have always been my first love, so when I became increasingly interested in / terrified of climate change, it was natural that I used words to talk about it. The seed of a book about solutions began to take shape, and Wicked Solutions was born. I’m still in the process of writing, so watch this space.

Words are also rather important to my proofreading activities, where I take other people’s texts and make them shiny and new.

I also make short wedding invitation videos, because quite frankly wedding invites can be pretty dull and I felt they needed a redesign.

I live with my wife Lucilla and our 3 cats – Lino, Pepa and Tofo – in Barcelona. If you’d like to say hello, I can be reached at the mail below.

Andy (: